4 01 2008

Christms season is here once again and I may seem too late to celebrate it here in my blogs but it is still good to save the best for last.  Last year before Yuletide comes, my life and my family were full of distree considering that my father has become ill and was confined but before the Simbang Gabi began, he is well enough to celebrate the season with us.

My Christmas and of my family is a celebration of abundance not only of material things but of memories, love and other intangible things that are important to our lives.  some of the memories that we can celebrate are the passing of my sister on her board exams, the getting well of my father from a serious ailment and my being permanent or regular in my job.

On the last thing, I am happy to celebrate my first Christmas party with my co employees and through it I learned to cooperate through our Christmas presentation in our company party.



1 12 2007

For the past days, I and my sister were in a sad mood even though we have just been in our eyphoric state last month considering that she has just passed the CPA licensure ezxamination.  Such mood is brought when our beloved  father has been confined due to a stone in his gall bladder. It is hard for us to be  in such situation because we are cultured in a happy family together with our parents.  Also, last week, November 24-25, 2007, our place is threaten by typhoons which add to our atrocities not only of the family but of our community as a whole.

Last Tuesday, November 28, 2007 I am back again to my euphoric state when I notice that my father is getting well considering that he was able to paint a sweet smile on his face and making a thumbs up.  We are very happy considering that we are again together.  But of course,  with  all of these I pay tribute to my mom seeing all the care and support that she has bestowed on us in such situation.

Traversing on that part of my life makes me realize one thing that no matter how I argue with God, He still loves and cares for me and my family.  And for that I bow my head to  Him and may His hands be our refuge.


30 11 2007

Here are some of the things that I am deeply fascinated and for you to view them just browse…………….. building-2.ppt and buildings.ppt  


20 11 2007

For a week now, I am longing for my father’s presence in our home as he was hospitalized because of a serious ailment particularly gallstone.  Such longing is abrupt momentarily when I am visiting him in the hospital where he was confined.  And this blog of mine recounts my experience in visiting such place.

Some people would not like to go to a hospital to visit somebody who is dear to them but in my situation, I love to visit such place for my father’s presence in it.


I am longing to visit such place to see my beloved father and my mother who is helping and supporting each other in such confinement.  I notice a patient who is positioned next to my father’s bed.  He is an old man suffering from paralysis due to high blood pressure.  He is in a wretched condition considering that he has catheter with oxygen tube in his nose.  He is being fed only by means of dropper and his food is nothing but milk.  And if compared with my father, the latter is much better and thanks to God.

But I am amazed and my mind was tickled of what personality this man has considering that not a single moment has his wife left him who is also of same age like him.  And I found the answer to my question and that is the phrase…….. In sickness and in health till death do us part.  What a touching line but in reality such line is seldom applied to our youngster which for me is a frightening situation in the near future.  I salute that lady for her conviction in caring for her husband.


To all the couples including my parents who are still living with each other………. A toast is for you. 


17 11 2007


Every one is claiming that his love for one will exudes even on his last hours here on earth.  Such thing is further made concrete when lovers make their vows in front of the Church as made through the sanctity of marriage.  But what is annoying nowadays is such promise is not anymore usual in this generation maybe because family life is affected by many things such as poverty, one’s profession and other things.  To this, I personally admire my parents of how they love each other even our family life is affected by such things.


What keeps me enjoying to walk on the street is the hope of seeing a proof that true love is still in the air even to this generation.  And true enough, I met a couple of both the man and the woman of gray hair with their wrinkles and their cane and it makes me amuse to see them.  What makes me feel such upon looking at them is that they are holding each others’ hand which for me is an admirable thing.  It is because I know that in the near future such scene will remain as a picture.


Seeing such couple walking on the road makes me think of many questions such as how the couple has able to survive with their love for each other.  Another is that if they can do it, how come that modern generations does not have such capability to preserve the love that they have for their partner considering that our generation is even considered as more intelligent, more advance and more intimate.


To this, I found only one answer…………………Love is not on how intelligent a person is but it is on his orientation about such  relation and whether he is serious enough to enter a commitment.


17 11 2007

Every nation has handful requirements to be considered as one.  Among such requirements is history, a national anthem, coat of arms and others that serve as symbols of a country and are the things that put life to a mass of land positioned in the earth’s surface.  And for me, the basic thing which makes such things for a country is its own history.  It is just like my own country which its long history determined its national flag, national anthem and other nationalistic symbols.  But among the thing which keeps confronting my mind is our national hero as is it really him that should be our national hero.


Jose P. Rizal is the name of the national hero of the Republic of the Philippine which unlike Joan of Arc, uses pen rather than sword which for him is mightier than the conventional.  Rizal as being recounted and introduced by our history books is a man of wealthy family and in his time is considered a genius.  Well, as one who comes from a wealthy family, he opt to study abroad particularly Medicine in Madrid, Spain which on that time can be considered as a luxurious destination for anyone.  Also, in his credits are several women whom he has an affectionate relation.  And for all these, Rizal can be considered as an illustrious person capable of affecting the beliefs, ideologies and perhaps the personalities of all whom he come contact with.


Heroism is said to be being different from the others and in time when Rizal was born, he is considered an exceptional one considering his ability.  But I personally come to think of it, if Rizal was burn in the present day, would he has the same recognition as he has in his life or he will just be another guy walking on the streets.  And considering that he comes from a well to do family, will he be another rich kid loitering and squandering the fortune of his family?  But such questions will remain unanswered as history has dictated what a Jose Rizal would be in the pages of our history books and consequently in the life of the Filipinos.


All of us have the chance to be a hero in our own way and as heroism is defined as doing good for others even if it cause our lives, it is for us to treat when such opportunity to be a hero comes.  After all, heroism is not dictated but an opportunity grabbed only by those who have brave hearts in them……………….. God bless the Philippines


9 11 2007
























blue sky


One of the intangible things that are important to our lives and is affecting our life is our so called heaven. To the holy people it is the place where God and angels live but to others it is the thing that is the measurement of how one lives in this world. Heaven is said to be the final resting place of all of us but the sad thing is we have our own individual idea of what it and most of the time such is the place where we compare ourselves.

Heaven when being talked by the so called righteous is a very beautiful place where God will receive them. But for bad people, it will remain a dream place especially if they have accepted to themselves that they are sure to meet Satan. But come to think of it, no one has reached heaven and for this how can they say that it is good. For me, heaven is here on earth and we can make our lives good in here as to follow what God has suggested which are contained in the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes, then earth is heaven but as the reverse is happening on us we are presently on the other side of the story which is hell. The so called presence of God in heaven can be done by us through being good to others. After all, Jesus himself said that he can be seen right through our fellowmen. And if ever there is indeed a place called heaven after we die, then we would not have any recourse as we have done what God has commanded.

It is indeed a challenge for us to make our present situation a heaven. But right now, we are far from that. Now to do it, we should be opened to change our lives that is to say backing off from what is evil and turn to life that is heavenly.